Nobles® Commercial Dryer/Air Mover

Item # NO 9014819

  • Compact, stackable three-speed air mover dries areas quickly. Powerful airflow. Reduce drying time dramatically with the powerful three-speed air mover.
  • Blower motor HP/Amps/Volts: 0.6 hp/4.35 amps/120V 60 Hz
  • Blower motor switch: rotary
  • CFM: 1350 cfm (710 rpm/1105 rpm/1550 rpm)
Manufacturers Item #9014819
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Convenient, stackable unit frees up valuable space in closets, storage areas and transport vehicles. Quickly dry carpet, hard floors, fresh paint, concrete sealer and much more. Blown polyethylene chassis construction. Epoxy powder coated, acrylic paint or nickel/zinc plated, green phenolic paint.